The logo illustration of a minimalistic person making a golf swing

Oslo Golfsenter

The logo for Oslo Golfsenter.

About the project

The client needed to get a logo designed for the golfsenter he is starting.


The challange here was to not get caught up in cliché of using the over used golfball, tee or the color green when designing for golf. It also was important to design a logo that could be used on merchendises and easy recogniseable.


The logo illustration can be used in a horizontal or vertical design. It also works in color, full black or white depending on how the client will use it. The end result is a modern, sleek and minimalistic logo inspired by the golf swing and the usability is very flexible.

Showcase for Oslo Golfsenter

Ubuntu Condensed font

Logo with color on light background Logo with color on dark background Horizontal logo with color on dark background and on light background Black logo on light background White logo on dark background Horizontal white logo on dark background and horizontal black logo on light background