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Re-design of the webpage Lærum VVS.

About the project

The client wanted their web page re-designed to be more user friendly and responsive.


When I worked for New Element AS they used WordPress and the Enfold theme to design webpages for their clients. The good thing with using this theme is that it is instantly responsive and only needs a few tweaks to look good on any device. The challenge with this is that since the web page consists of standard building blocks in a column system, you’re forced to be creative within a fixed structure. You have to really know the theme to know what it can do, and what limitations it has to make an interesting design that is unique to each client. It is an interesting challenge to force your creativity within the confines of a theme and make the theme work for your creativity and design.


In this specific case we made a sales pitch website for the client. The design was created directly in the browser, where the front page, menu and the structure is finished and the client can get an overall feel of how the site will look and feel. In this design I focused on the user having easy access to the information they need. The company’s phone number is in the header for easy access for plumbing emergencies. There’s only one, sticky, top-positioned menu and it provides easy access wherever you are on the website. When you scroll further down you will have an overview of what kind of products and service they provide. When the design is accepted it will be completed and the website will be online.

Showcase for Lærum VVS

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