The paper doll with dress up cards

Kommoden med det rare i

Board game concept for children where the goal is to get dressed.

About the project

For this project I were to develop a game concept with a functional prototype and an associated app or website. I found it important to use my own experiences to come up with an interesting and engaging game concept. I developed a game concept that is a mix between memory games and board games for children.


It was important to make the game concept easy to understand for children with elements that excite them and make them want to continue playing. How do you convey the game game mechanics to children without using text they most likely haven’t learned to read yet? I wanted the game to be attractive to all children, gender neutral and thus interesting for both boys and girls.


The board game Kommoden med det rare i is a hybrid between a memory game and a board game. Your mission is to dress up in a costume and move around the board to draw a dress card. The one who is fully clothed first and then reaches the finish line, wins. But watch out for the red fields, they can put you back on the board!

The game mechanics is conveyed with colors and illustrations so that it is easy for children to follow and understand without having to read. On the web page you can read about the game, read news and find an activity portal where you can dress the paper doll in costumes that are from the game. Children can then print out clothing of their choice and colorize these by hand. The game has development potential with costume expansion packs in various themes.

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Quest card illustration Shuffle card illustration Chest of drawers card illustration Paperdoll with sommer clothes Paperdoll with pirate clothes Paperdoll with winter clothes