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Concept and hardware design for an activites app.

About the project

This was a school project where we would learn about design research, concept development, interaction between hardware and software, product design and last, but not least, user testing. We were to develop, design and prototype a product or service that solves a defined problem. We landed on the idea of a service that would make it easier to be more social, meet new people if you’re new in town, find events around you, such as theater performances, concerts, courses for hobbies, or something as simple as having your friends over for coffee.


The challenge was whether we could create a service that makes it easier to meet people through activities and make new friends, but that did not focus on dating. It was therefore important to focus on the activities. It should be a low threshold for identifying activities, sign up and possibly create your own activities for friends and family. Hardware that would complement the software and make it easier to use was also to be designed.


The design is stylish with few colors to keep the function of the app in focus. This also goes back to the hardware where we made ​​a device that will be good to hold, with a rubber surface so that it does not slip and a special non-slip surface where grip should be. The device is touch based but also has its own buttons easily accessible to easily accept or reject activity invitations. It is also designed to be shock and water resistant so it won’t be damaged by swiftly whipping it out of your pocket, and you need not worry about it hitting the ground during an an activity like geocaching.

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